AVM Footwear Co. Ltd., from its establishment focused on to follow the technological advancements in the footwear industry and harmonize them with its own motto of “Comfy shoes, affordable prices”. This focus differentiates us from the other footwear companies.

Since 1999, AVM has specialized to create projects with discount market chains in this manner. For each different segment, we collaborate with the market leaders to create their own footwear collections through detailed customization via private label or our own brands, which made us a market leader in this field.

Especially in the last three years of our sales figures shows our sales development as follows:

Now we would like to extend our service to the international stage, with the enormous advantages of producing in Turkey (i.e. logistics, workmanship, footwear expertise etc.) We are the right partner for the discount market channels and apparel brands to reach the consumers in every market.

Our Brands